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9 Strategies to End the Corporate Rule

Inside Our Spring Issue YES! Magazine Issue 61, Spring 2012

Corporate power is behind the politics of climate denial, Wall Street bailouts, union busting, and media consolidation, to name just a few. And policies advocated by the 1 percent are bankrupting the middle class. But real people have power, too. Here are some of their most successful strategies.

1. Amend the constitution to end corporate personhood.

Rights Are For Real People

Where the infamous Citizens United Supreme Court decision came from and how to overturn it.

by Jeffrey D. Clements


We're The People: Close-Ups from Zuccotti Park

Portraits of a nascent society.

Lobbying's Big Payoff

For corporations, paying for policy is still the best investment around.

by Doug Pibel

PLUS: "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." 

-Alice Walker: Download the quote poster.

2. Dive into grassroots campaigns.

A Bold Win Against Big Oil

How people power stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline.

by Madeline Ostrander

PLUS VIDEO:  Bill McKibben: "The Biggest Fight of Our Time": In which one of the world's best-known climate activists gets personal about the enormous task of saving our planet.

Nurses Mobilize For a Dose of ­Financial Justice

Before there was Occupy, thousands of nurses were already taking on Wall Street to demand a financial transaction tax.

by Sarah Anderson

Single-Payer Success: Vermont Shows How to Cover Everyone

The state's progressive health care model has already bolstered campaigns in more than 20 other places.

by Amy Gluckman

3. Hold corporations accountable to our laws.

Revoke Their Charters 

... and other legal tools to hold corporations accountable to our laws.

by Robert Weissman

4. Get Past the Propaganda

3 Things Everybody Knows-and Why They're Wrong

"Social security is broke," and other scare tactics.

by Lisa Graves

PLUS: Who Really Gets Burned With Tort Reform?

by Doug Pibel

5. Support independent media and keep the Internet free.

The People's Media

Keeping freedom of speech alive on the Internet.

by Joseph Torres

PLUS VIDEO:  A Magna Carta Moment for Internet Freedom: Why we must fight for our online rights-before they're sold, legislated, and programmed away.

6. Protect the Commons

How Boulder Freed Its Electric Company

Citizens take over the power in a bid to kick coal.

by Valerie Schloredt

A People's History of Robin Hood

WEB ONLY: For hundreds of years, he's fought tax injustice, tyranny, and the seizure of the commons. Why we still need him today.

by Paul Buhle

7. Vote. Protect our democracy.

Four Ways to Flex Our Electoral Muscles

What we can do right now to strengthen our democracy.

by Brooke Jarvis

WEB ONLY: Keeping It Clean: Maine's Fight for Fair Elections

8. Make your dollars matter.

Watch Us Move Our Millions

Cities, churches, and universities take their money away from Wall Street.

by Rebecca Leisher

PLUS VIDEO:  A Separation of Church and Bank

Why one San Diego church said goodbye to their bank-and took $3 million dollars with them.

WEB ONLY: Want to break up with your bank? 

Follow these easy steps.

8 Ways to De-Corporatize Your Money

Debit or credit? How to keep your money out of corporate clutches.

WEB ONLY: 5 Ways to Make Your Dollars Make Sense

Concerned about Wall Street's devastating impact on communities? Then invest in yourself-the most local investment of all.

9. Get creative to raise awareness.

How Occupiers, pranksters, and artists speak louder than money.

by Sven Eberlein

PLUS VIDEO: 5 Acts of Creative Disruption

From mic checks in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to flash mobs at Target, expressing dissent has never been more colorful.

Can There Be "Good" Corporations?

Instead of fighting corporations, reinvent them. When companies are owned by workers and the community-instead of Wall Street financiers-everything changes.

by Marjorie Kelly

PLUS PHOTO ESSAY: California's New Triple Bottom Line

Best in the world? Try best for the world: The Golden State welcomes a new kind of corporation


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